Smart Bunker Planning

Get the best bunker port for your voyage.
Optimising your schedule can increase TCE earnings by 1-4%*.
Get started in under 5 minutes. No installations, just fast results.


BunkerEx is an online portal for ship owners and operators to find their optimal bunker port when planning voyage estimations.

Clients have real-time access to live prices, fuel quality warnings, supplier profiles, risks of weather delays, extra costs (e.g. barging, DA, etc) and typical specifications per port.

Simply enter your voyage and in 30 seconds our algorithm displays the optimal port for bunkering, accounting for deviation costs, consumption, ROB and countless other variables.

Besides saving time, back-tests show that revealing cheaper bunker options via our software can increase TCE earnings by up to $200/day.








Independently, BunkerEx also operates a brokerage arm for clients who wish to move from the planning stage to a firm enquiry.

Our experienced brokers provide one transparent point of contact to the most reputable bunker suppliers in the world.

We negotiate prices and set up credit lines on the shipowner’s behalf. All correspondence is 100% transparent with a strong focus on price, fuel quality and minimising claims risk.

Once a deal is fixed, we provide full operational support including liaising with suppliers, masters, agents and surveyors to ensure smooth delivery.



In addition to traditional brokerage services, BunkerEx also offers an online platform for working bunker enquiries.

The platform connects directly with suppliers ensuring best execution and an automatic system of record.

Enquiry details, suppliers, offers, counters and improvements are automatically recorded in a structured format to provide users with insightful data about their bunkering operations.

A live demo of our online brokerage platform is available below.


If you are interested in using our platform, you can get a free link to the demo.

Experience our bunker procurement process from enquiry creation through to stem, with simulated offers from suppliers.

This is an interactive demo, meaning you can use all features just as you would during a real enquiry.


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