BunkerEx: Our View on 2020 (Hint: Say NO to Scrubbers, for now…)

BunkerEx: Our View on 2020 (Hint: Say NO to Scrubbers, for now…)

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: how best to deal with the IMO’s 0.5% sulphur cap regulations?

With just over 18 months to go until the deadline, decisions need to be made on capital investments for scrubbers and new builds now. Trafigura recently announced it would install scrubbers on all it’s new build tankers arriving in Q1 2019.

Over the last few months, BunkerEx has been quietly forming a view based on extensive conversations with various stakeholders, research papers, articles and conferences. Our conclusion is that for now, scrubbers are not the answer.

This is a view shared by giants such as Maersk, […] Read more

6 Ways for Shippers to Reduce Bunker Costs

6 Ways for Shippers to Reduce Bunker Costs

It’s no secret – shipping is going through a tough time. And in tough times, owners and operators need to do everything they can to help the bottom line. The industry has been rife with consolidations, bankruptcies, acquisitions and downsizing. But what else can shipowners and charterers do to become more profitable?

The cost of bunker fuel is an easy place to start. Fuel accounts for a whopping 60-80% of the cost of a voyage. So what are the ways an owner can reduce these costs?


1. Slow Steaming

This is an obvious one. Drag on a ship reduces “quadratically” with the speed, […] Read more

Analysing the BIMCO Bunker Contract

Analysing the BIMCO Bunker Contract

“Should I use the BIMCO contract for my bunker purchasing?”


As brokers, this is a question we are asked more and more as time goes on. So we thought it best to write about the more interesting clauses of the contract, based on our experience. Below we explain what BIMCO is and discuss the more contentious points of their standard bunker contract.


What is BIMCO?

BIMCO is a members club for almost anyone connected to shipping (owners, suppliers, agents and brokers). The idea of BIMCO has always been to secure better deals and create standardised agreements for the shipping industry. Members come together […] Read more

OW Bunker Collapse: can it happen again?

OW Bunker Collapse: can it happen again?

The OW Bunker bankruptcy affected over 20,000 shareholders, drying up credit liquidity in major ports and started a barrage of legal proceedings for shipowners, banks and physical suppliers around the world.


Could it happen again?


To answer that, we first need to explore what happened.


The timeline


28th March 2014 → OW IPO is a smashing success (shares up 20%).

3rd October 2014 → OW releases a profit warning.

23rd October 2014 → OW estimates loss at $24.5m.

5th November 2014 → Loss estimate increases to $150m.

7th November 2014 → OW files for bankruptcy.


It’s a staggering fall from grace: from being valued at nearly $1 billion at […] Read more

BunkerEx doubles supplier coverage, achieves lowest bunker price 90% of the time.

BunkerEx doubles supplier coverage, achieves lowest bunker price 90% of the time.

BunkerEx, the online marketplace for bunker purchases, has vetted and added over 50 new suppliers in the past month, doubling it’s global port coverage in the process.


“We now have over 200 bunker suppliers and traders registered across 700 ports, all reachable on our site at the click of a button” Hemnani, founder of BunkerEx said. “It allows bunker buyers to scan and see firm offers from a huge portion of the market faster than any other traditional method. As a result of such a large supplier network, the data shows we achieve a better price for our clients on 9 […] Read more

Is it better to buy bunkers spot or on contract?

Is it better to buy bunkers spot or on contract?

Bunker buyers often debate on the best way to buy their fuel. Is spot better, open to the crazy spikes we sometimes see when there are supply shortages or credit squeezes? Or is it better to play it safe with a contract, potentially losing out on gains if premiums drop?


Below we explore the pros and cons of each method to help you better make a decision.


For more help on any of the below or for more specialised advice, visit us at www.bunker-ex.com or email us at brokers@bunker-ex.com.


Spot Purchasing

This is the most common form of bunker purchasing. We estimate that […] Read more